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Baffle Grease Filters

Available in 7 types

 Baffle Grease Filters

Our Heavy Duty Industrial Baffle Grease filters have a series of vertical Stainless Steel vanes that are housed in a  frame with each of the baffles strategically aligned to provide the highest potential for grease filtering. 

The grease naturally runs downwards through the drainage holes and into the collecting trays normally provided within the canopy holding casings. We supply with handles and holes as standard.

We can manufacture any size Grease filter to suit your needs in Baffle or mesh type in stainless steel and meeting food grade regulations. Please call us if your sizes is not shown.

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10"x20"x2" (actual size 245x495x48mm) £32.00
16"x16"x2" (actual size 395x395x48mm) £34.50
16"x20"x2" (actual size 395x395x48mm) £33.00
18"x18"x2" (actual size 445x445x48mm) £34.50
20"x16"x2" (actual size 495x395x48mm) £37.00
20"x20"x2" (actual size 495x495x48mm) £34.50
24"x24"x2" (actual size 595x595x48mm) £41.00

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