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M5 EN779 Spray Booth Roof Filter Premium 560g

Available in 7 types

 M5 EN779 Spray Booth Roof Filter Premium 560g

M5 EN779 Spray booth inlet filter with a high dust holding capacity. Ensuring the best working environment for your Spraybooth. High quality Spraybooth inlet filter with a high dust holding capacity.

Treated with a tacky fluid complete with scrim backing this premium filter will prevent dust loss due to booth vibration ensuring the best clean air working environment for your spray booth.

A high performance fine filter particularly suited as a ceiling filter for all paint spraying and drying applications alternatively, for more sensitive indoor air quality requirements or as a pre-filter to absolute filtration.

The air filter media is manufactured entirely from thermally bonded fibres. These are built up progressively towards the air exit face to form a high density matrix with excellent mechanical strength and performance characteristics.
The product is inherently toxic free ( contains no PVC). The manufacturing technique ensures that the fibres are resistant to fracture, and are not affected by moisture or chemicals.
The media construction ensures high initial arrestance and exceptional dust holding capacity at low pressure resistance, creating the ultimate combination of service life performance and economy. A special adhesive agent is applied to the fibres during
manufacture in order to enhance dust holding capacity, optimize arrestance and provide complete protection against migration caused by excessive vibration. The addition of an open mesh scrim provides even greater stability.

We can can cut your M5 EN779 White Spray Booth Intake filter to any size ! if your size is not show please call the team.


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