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Metal Cased Panel Filters

Available in 11 types

Metal Cased Panel Filters

Metal cased G4 Pleated Panel Filters in front withdrawal frame inc Pig tail clips galvanised. High Quality pleated included . Can be purchased individually , with Pleated or g2 Glass Fibre panels (note glass panel frames are metal frame with flip up catch one side mesh the other know ad pad frameno clips required)

Our frames are strong and robust and are designed to handle the highest of air volumes without bowing or buckling.
Galvanized frames (stainless on request)
Quick & easy installation
Standard & non standard sizes (on request)
Hygiene gasket seal & air tight construction
Suitable for all applications

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24x24x2 nom with panel pleated £52.00
24x12x2 nom with panel pleased £48.00
24x24x2 nom with glass fibre panel £50.00
24x12x2 nom with glass fibre panel £47.00
24x24 frame only (no clips) £44.00
P Clip Pack of 4 for 24x24 frame £6.00
P Clip Pack of 4 for 24x12 frame £5.98
24x24x2 nom pad frame for filter media £28.00
24x24x2 nom pad frame inc glass fibre media pad £30.00
24x12x2 nom pad frame for filter media £26.00
24x12x2 nom pad frame inc glass fibre media pad £28.00

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