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Panel Holding Frame

Panel Holding Frame

Holding Frames are used to hold HVAC filters individually or to construct filter bank arrangements for upstream or downstream access.

Filters that may be used with the Holding Frames include Glass Panel Filters, V-Form Panel Filters, Multi-Pocket Filters, Synthetic Media Rigid Filters, Rigid Filters, Mini-Pleat Rigid Filters, Honeycomb metal washable filters, and Carbon Pleated Filters.

Our frames are designed to hold 75mm to 100mm depth filters, and can be used to retain a single filter or two filters in a series.

Clips are required to hold the filter into this frame. Depending on the type of filter, P Clips or Corner Clips will be supplied we will contcat you once you have placed your order to discuss.

We can make any size filter frame to suit your needs if your size is not shown then please contcat one of our sales team 01706 220373

610mmx61mm0x75mm to hold a standard 24x24x2 nominal panel filter £25.00
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610mmx61mm0x75mm to hold a standard 24x24x2 nominal panel filter £25.00

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