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Carbon Panel Filters, Pleated Carbon Filter Panels

From: £16.66

Carbon Pleated panel Filter, Heavy duty water repellent cardboard frame with lattice supports on each side containing pleated G4 Carbon filter media reinforced with an expanded metal support grid. Our filters are of exceptional quality and have 11 pleats per ft as standard offering lower pressure drop thus saving you energy, our filters often outlast the competitions equivalents.

Carbon panel filters are the most frequently utilised air filters for gas removal. They are intended to filter gases via a bed of activated carbon (also known as activated charcoal) and are commonly used to counteract VOCs generated by popular household items.

Low pressure drop media resulting in low energy costs
Robust construction
Moisture resistant cardboard frame can be incinerated safely

Filter Class G4 panel filters in depths of 2″and 4″ are available

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10x10x2 (248x248x45mm), 12x12x2 (293x293x45mm), 15x15x2 (375x375x45mm), 18x18x2 (448x448x45mm), 20x16x2 (496x396x45mm), 20x20x2 (496x496x45mm), 24x12x2 (594x287x45mm), 25x16x2 (622x394x45mm), 24x20x2 (592x492x45mm), 24x24x2 (592x592x45mm), 25x20x2 (620x496x45mm), 20x10x2 (496x248x45mm), 20x15x2 (496x294x45mm)


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