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Reducing connectors 100mm/50mmRC

Available in 8 types

Reducing connectors 100mm/50mmRC

To connect hoses to wood working machinery with different sized outlets

Our range of plastic connectors covers most manufacturers models and are used to step up or down between the hose and the collection point. The table below is a complete reference to help you find the most suitable reducer for your needs. Remember the reducers can fit inside or on the outside of you connection outlet.

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Size / Type Price Quantity
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Item From: OD ID To: OD ID £5.00
100/125RC 100mm 93mm 125mm 119mm £5.00
100/75RC 100mm 93mm 75mm 68mm £5.00
100/67RC 100mm 94mm 67mm 60mm £5.00
100/63RC 100mm 93mm 63mm 58mm £5.00
100/58RC 100mm 93mm 58mm 50mm £5.00
100/50RC 100mm 93mm 50mm 45mm £5.00
100/38RC 100mm 93mm 38mm 31mm £8.33

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