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wall mounted fume extractor

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SIP FX-WM Mounted Welding Fume Extractor 05806

The SIP FX-WM Wall-Mounted Welding Fume Extractor is a local exhaust ventilator (LEV) that ensures welding fumes are properly controlled, providing reliable protection. Fitted with 2x 3m arms.

  • 230v input supply, 1.5W input power
  • High performance centrifugal extraction fan
    encased in a rugged soundproof compartment
  • 2500m³/hr max. flow, 1480m³/hr max. suction
  • Powerful 3-stage effective filtration up to 99.5%:
    • Stage 1: Metallic spark arrestors G25%
    • Stage 2: Corrugated polyester fibre prefilter
    • Stage 3: Absolute filter H13 HEPA 95.5%
  • Fitted with 2x heavy-duty 3m flexible arms
  • Durable steel with powder-coated finish
  • Lightweight and compact for movement
  • Complies with current regulations
  • Suitable for self-installation
  • Made in Italy
  • Technical Description:
    ITEM NO. 05806
    Input Supply 230v
    Input Power 1.5kW
    Power Consumption 6.5A
    Max. Flow Rate 2500m³/hr
    Max. Suction Rate 1480m³/hr
    Filtration 99.5%
    Filter Stage 1 Metallic spark arrestors G25%
    Filter Stage 2 Corrug. polyester fibre prefilter
    Filter Stage 3 Absolute filter H13 HEPA 99.5%
    Adjustable Extraction 2x 3m flexible arms
    Max. Temperature 60°C
    Noise Level 73dB(A)
    Net Weight 100.00kg
    Gross Weight TBC
    Packaged Dimensions TBC


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