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Washable Pleated Panel filter G4

Available in 3 types

Washable Pleated Panel filter G4

This product is particularly suitable for general or prefiltration applications where ecologically friendly solutions are preferred or where ongoing replacement costs need to be limited or spares are not carried. Specific applications include: Air Handling unit intakes, Marine engines, Defence applications, Compressor intakes or any applications where high levels of
particulate contamination are anticipated.

The filter is both lightweight and robust, standard units being manufactured from NS4 Grade Aluminium frames with the core being produced from specially selected cellular foam.
The design of the product ensures high dust holding capacity, high moisture resistance, flame retardency, high mechanical strength & stability along with the advantage of an integral
inbuilt compression seal.

(to wash remove the foam from the frame and gently wash in warm soapy water. There may be staining on media but this is normal, you will see the dirt coming out of them. Leave to dry naturally - life span, it would depend on the application and how often they are cleaned. They should last approx. 3 – 7 years)

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