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Dust Spares

Offering dust cartridges and dust extraction bags for DCE Donaldson Torit, Camfil Farr, AAf, Kemper, Nederman, Mhale plus many more along with solenoid valves, header tanks, filter cages filter socks and multi pocket filter bags.

We are 100% committed to you and will always offer unbiased advice so you get the most out of your dust extraction system without it costing the earth.

Dust Spares

C-Air’s Dust Spares Division can supply replacement parts and spares for most makes and models of dust extraction systems at competitive prices. We are stockists of most makes of retrofit and OEM dust spares such as Farr, DCE Reverse Jet Filters,Donaldson Torit, Kemper, Nederman, Plymovent, AAF, Mahle to name a few!

Dust Spares @ C-Air include

Retrofit filters last as long as OEM on most occasions, so why pay more!

  • Extractor / Dust Collector Bags for UMA , Dantherm, Heaton Green, Dlamatic, Unimaster etc

  • Extractor / Dust Collector Bins

  • Pleated Panel and Glassfibre Panel Filters

  • Filter Cages and Inserts

  • Shaker Bars and Shaker Motors

  • Reverse Jet / Pulse Jet Valve Controllers

  • Huge Range of Dust filter Elements to fit most models

  • Dust Cartridges / to suit Camfil Farr, Donaldson, Kemper, AAF, WAM, Dust HOGG

  • HVAC Filters

  • Solenoid Valves, Solenoid repair kits

  • Flexible Extraction Arms, Flexible Ducting

  • Differential Pressure Gauges Manometers

  • Diaphragms Valves, Diaphragm Repair Kits and Solenoids

Dust Extraction Filters

C-Air’s Dust extraction division can supply replacement spares for most makes and models of dust collectors on the market. We supply replacement filter elements in many different grades for applications such as wood dust, shot blast, foundry, food and beverage, and bulk powder. The list of filters is endless so if you don’t see what you need on our website then please call our dust experts today.

Dust cartridges or bags for the following plus many more:

  • DCE

  • Unicel

  • Kemper

  • Farr

  • Wam Silo

  • Vixen

  • Mahle

  • Durapleat

  • Hodge Clemco

  • Nederman

  • Three and Four lug types

  • Unimaster

  • Donaldson Torit

  • Sintamatic

  • UMA 150-450

  • Camfil

  • Wam Hopper Jet

  • Dust check

  • AAF Optiflow

  • Dust Hogg UAS

  • Wheelabrator

  • Plymovent

  • Shaker bags for most models

  • Airmaster

Our dust collection cartridges are designed to provide the best options for the widest range of applications. We have a large list of part numbers to cross reference with our own equivalent filters. Stocking over 150 different styles of dust filters. We take pride in being one of the leading dust cartridge suppliers in the UK. If your type is not listed dont worry we will make any size to suit your needs and application.

Dust Cartridge Media Types

100% Polyester – 100% polyester cartridges are dimpled and pleated for maximum service life and air flow. The polyester medias allow for high dust removal and efficiency maximizing dust recovery in reclaim systems. Polyester cartridges are impervious to punctures or tears. Unlike cellulose cartridge, 100% polyester will not lint or shed

“80-20″ Cellulose/ Polyester – The most common filter media in used in dust collection applications, 80/20 media provides a high surface-air ratio and fantastic performance. Our cartridges use the best quality media blends which provide excellent dust recovery in most applications with long service life.

100% Cellulose – Cellulose cartridges are commonly used in dust collection systems. Economically priced, these cartridges provide medium removal efficiency and desirable longevity. 100% cellulose is also available in Flame Retardant styles.

Mounting and Fitting Styles – We supply virtually every mounting style and gasket placement in the industry. We can quickly identify, specify, and quote cartridges for any make or model or application.

Full Range of Replacement Dust Cartridges to suit the below plus many more

Airflow Systems
Clean Air America
CP Environmental

Environmental Systems Design




Why Choose C-Air? – We offer many more media types such as PTFE, Nanno Fiber, Carbon, Flame Retardant etc in any size or design mainly off the shelf with next day delivery.

We offer value for money long lasting products throughout our retrofit rage or OEM dust cartridges, bags and pre/after filters.

With advantages such as:

  • Low Cost

  • A choice of material

  • Next day delivery

  • UK made

  • Longer lasting elements

  • Various top pans / fixings

  • Perfect fit

Data sheets are available on request.

We can boast that our filters often last longer than our competitors filters at significantly lower cost. 99% of our filters are made in the UK.

Dust Filter Bags

We can supply multi pocket and single pocket filter bags for most makes of dust collector. Made in many different media from Polyester, dura life, Glazed, Anti static. With snap bands , cotton ,raw edge, velcro or even zips ! Some filter such as the Unimaster types come on metal frames for ease of fitting some filters will be made to drop down into the unit and held in place with  venturi. What ever you dust bag needs we can help all of our dust bags are UK made !

We can also offer genuine replacement parts for all major manufacturers filters Including, dust control equipment ltd, dce, donaldson torit, airmaster, dantherm, nederman, mikropul, american air filter, aaf, spencer holstead, lodge sturtevant, dustcheck, duscovent, intensiv, camfil farr, luhr, abb, ab dust control, tilghman wheelabrator, cibel engineering and many other dust collector suppliers.

We supply replacement components such as bag cages, (major suppliers including hilson, clean air, filter cages). Reverse jet, reverse pulse controllers (major suppliers plus ae autel, bpc, goyen, asco). Filter bags and envelope filters are supplied in many different materials such as polyester felt, nomex, tetratex, gortex, ryton, p84 with many different finishes.

Whatever you need we will be able to make it !

Dust Collector Service

You dust extraction systems require regular servicing / inspections just as you would with your car call it a Extraction MOT test if you will. At C-Air filtration we offer . service solutions for any extraction system , ducting and hoods.

We have a team of fully trained (working to to HSG258) who are able to offer maintenance to any model of dust extractor. We can schedule your maintenance around your needs and we can even come at the weekend!

With engineers based all over the UK we can normally attend to your issues fast with the solutions to any problems fixed and with a full report to let you know what we have carried out. We can block book service contracts for up to 3 years giving you peace of mind that your routine servicing is booked and we offer discounts for contracts that could save you a lot of time and money. So why not call our team today for a chat about your servicing requirements today on 01706 220373.

Ducting & Design Services

C-Air Filtration are Experts in the supply of ducting , supply , installation and design. We can supply many different types of ducting including smooth clipped,  spiral wound, clip lock, flanges & stainless steel. Our design team can fully work out what you may need by s no obligation site visit or of course we can offer you ducting on a supply only basis.

H&S Dust Extraction HSG258

Powder Coating Company Suffers From Dust Fire

When powder coating is applied it is essentially a dust made of a thermoplastic or a thermoset polymer being sprayed onto the item being coated.  If this is not performed in a safe area it creates a dust fire and explosion hazard, because the plastic dust is highly flammable.  If the dust isn’t cleaned after being applied it can create hazards as well, and even if it is cleaned it creates safety issues with having that much flammable dust in one area.

A finishing company in 2017 based in Michigan experienced this when they suffered from a large dust fire in the powder coating area of their building.  The fire appears to have initially come from the powder collector, but then spread into the ceiling, spreading thick black smoke throughout the building, causing the roof to partially collapse.

Employees who first noticed the smoke grabbed fire extinguishers and tried to put it out on their own, but the flames grew too big too fast, and the fire department was called while the employees left the building safely.

Firefighters on the scene used an aerial truck and hoses at the back of the building to keep the flames under control, while others worked from the inside trying to get past cinder block walls and the debris from the collapsed roof.  A team was also requested on site to deal with the smoke and dust from the fire.  Eventually an excavator was brought to the scene to remove equipment from the roof and knock down the walls on the side of the building with the fire.

Need to clean combustible dust in your facility? Contact a C-Air Filtration ltd representative to learn how we can help you avoid fire & explosion hazards in the workplace.

C-Air Filtration Ltd

We have a wide range of replacement filters, extraction systems, industrial machinery and spare parts to suit your needs, all available to purchase online. We are stockists of most makes of retrofit and OEM dust spares.