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Fiberglass Panel Filter G4

From: £6.71

This product provides low resistance whilst achieving high dust holding.

Fiberglass panels are used mainly in Used in heating and ventilation systems to provide high dust holding protection from larger airborne contaminants and for medium level pre-filtration for bag filters. Can Also be used for spray booth extraction in large or samll hobby booths. Glassfibre panel has been specifically designed for use either on its own or as a pre-filter. The product is the economic solution to simple air filtration requirements. This product provides low resistance whilst achieving high dust holding.

The core is produced from a pad of resilient lofted glass-fibre manufactured with  a graduated density to ensure optimum dust holding efficiency. The glass-fibre  media is further enhanced with a coating of anti-dusting agent. The pad is bonded into a moisture resistant rigid card frame a nd fitted with an airflow indicator.

The FP/GP Glassfibre panel is suitable for use as a pre-filter for higher grades of air filtration or for use as a simple filter for general applications.

The GP Panl Filter is available in a large range of standard sizes in 1″ and 2″ (25, 50mm) nominal depths and may also be produced in non-standard sizes to suit application requirements . The key attributes of the product are consistent
efficiency, robust construction and long life combined with low replacement cost.

– Disposable Panel Air Filter
– Standard or Non-Standard Manufacture
– Cardboard Lattice Facias Standard
– Cap Scrap Facias Available upon request
– Rigid Construction
– Cost Effective
– Graded Air Filter Media

If your size is not below we can make any size to suit your requirements


12x12x2 (293x293x45mm), 15x15x2 (375x375x45mm), 18x18x2 (448x448x45mm), 20x16x2 (496x396x45mm), 20x20x2 (496x496x45mm), 24x12x2 (594x287x45mm), 25x16x2 (594x394x45mm), 24x20x2 (592x492x45mm), 24x24x2 (592x592x45mm), 25x20x2 (620x496x45mm), 20x10x2 (496x248x45mm), 20x15x2 (496x294x45mm)


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