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Spray Booth Servicing

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Spray Booth servicing by qualified  engineers UK wide to the below spec we can if required quote for filters as well or you can buy then from us on line or via the offices call 01706 220373 for a detailed quotation to suit your needs.  Any make of booth including gas fired serviced.

To measure working extract velocities with a calibrated anemometer.

  • Carry out a visual inspection of the general structure including the spray booth shell, inlet and extract duct work, doors, extract filter, filter frames and control panel.
  • Check working noise levels.
  • Measure internal lighting levels.
  • Check condition of inlet and extract fan impeller and fan belts – if accessible.
  • Grease bearings.
  • Clean motor cooling impeller guard.
  • Check and test operation of spray/bake dampers.
  • Measure differential inlet and extract fan differential pressures
  • To carry out a mist clearance time test using a smoke generating machine,
  • To service and check over the condition of the oven gas burner including:
  • Remove, strip down and clean burner head.
  • Replace ignition and flame proving electrodes.
  • Remove and clean combustion fan impeller.
  • Check and test low gas pressure switch.
  • Check and test combustion fan pressure switch.
  • Inspect the burner gas train, electrical wiring, and condition of all solenoid valves.
  • Check and test all safety interlocks and the general operation of the burner.
  • Measure inlet and head static and working gas pressures.
  • Check operation of temperature controller, high limit safety thermostat, and inlet fan air pressure switch.
  • Measure cabin pressurisation.
  • Provide a full detailed service report.


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