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Powder Coating Company Suffers From Dust Fire

When powder coating is applied it is essentially a dust made of a thermoplastic or a thermoset polymer being sprayed onto the item being coated.  If this is not performed in a safe area it creates a dust fire and explosion hazard, because the plastic dust is highly flammable.  If the dust isn’t cleaned after being applied it can create hazards as well, and even if it is cleaned it creates safety issues with having that much flammable dust in one area.

A finishing company in 2017 based in Michigan experienced this when they suffered from a large dust fire in the powder coating area of their building.  The fire appears to have initially come from the powder collector, but then spread into the ceiling, spreading thick black smoke throughout the building, causing the roof to partially collapse.

Employees who first noticed the smoke grabbed fire extinguishers and tried to put it out on their own, but the flames grew too big too fast, and the fire department was called while the employees left the building safely.

Dust Fire

Firefighters on the scene used an aerial truck and hoses at the back of the building to keep the flames under control, while others worked from the inside trying to get past cinder block walls and the debris from the collapsed roof.  A team was also requested on site to deal with the smoke and dust from the fire.  Eventually an excavator was brought to the scene to remove equipment from the roof and knock down the walls on the side of the building with the fire.

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