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Smoke Clearance Testing For Spray Booths

Smoke is most likely to linger and form eddies close to all the walls of a downdraft spray booth; in a room, the smoke will mix with the air and dilute evenly.

By disabling the extraction before filling the room with smoke a maximum clearance time is measured. As the extraction is usually running during normal spraying operations, the clearance time may be less than this but as a safety margin, it is important that the maximum time is observed.

For a no obligation quotation for Smoke or LEV testing then please contact us.

The Smoke Testing Process:

  • Extraction off – Lights on
  • Smoke machine on
  • 2 minutes…
  • Smoke machine off – White out
  • Start extraction & timer
  • Inspect seals & ducting for leakage
  • Smoke clear – Test complete
  • Certicate for display

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