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Donaldson Downflo Evolution 2626827-000-440


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OEM Supplied

Triagonal Cartridge Filter in Ultra-Web, 349 mm x 349 mm outer diameter x 660 mm long for Downflo Evolution (DFE) cartridge collectors

The distinguishing factor in our filters is Ultra-Web filtration technology. Ultra-Web nanofibre media uses a layer of fibres 0.2 to 0.3 microns in diameter to capture contaminants on  the surface of the media less than one micron in size. The resulting dust cake is easily cleaned off during the automated collector cleaning cycles providing cleaner air longer, with a minimum MERV* 13 efficiency rating based on ASHRAE 52.2 – 2007 test standards.

The ultimate goal of any pulse-cleaned dust collector is to remove the contaminant from the airstream and get the contaminant into a containment vessel under the equipment’s hopper.

The DFE’s unique shape positions more filter media at the bottom of the cartridge element so pulsecleaning  energy directs the ejected dust toward its ultimate destination – the containment vessel!

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