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F7 HVAC Multi Pocket Bag Filters

From: £39.00

C-Air Filtration Multi-Pocket Bag Filter is a high efficiency filter F7 Filter and is designed for a wide range of air conditioning and general ventilation applications where large volumes of air are to be handled, and systems dictate high dust holding capacity, coupled with a low resistance.

High Performance Bag Filters are generally used for providing a high quality air, and are typically used on supply air to buildings including offices, schools and restaurants  High Performance Bag Filters are associated with reductions in PM10 (Particulates less than 10 microns) and also PM2.5 (Particulates less than 2.5 microns) meeting the requirements of EN13779.

The High Performance Multi Pocket Bag Filter comprises a corrosion resistant heavy gauge galvanised header frame housing the air filter media which is supported by a copper coated rod assembly and tags which keep the media pockets in place.

The continuous support down each HVAC Bag Filter pocket prevents them from blinding each other when inflated.

Synthetic Air Filter Media , supplied as standard is a non woven polyester fabric, ultrasonically welded to form the multi pocket design of the bags. We can also supply glass bags F1 bags and Atex rated filters.

Supplied on a 20mm header frame

F7 Bag 6 Pocket



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