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Spray Booth Filter Products And Services

C-Air Filtration can supply Spray Booth filters for all makes and models normally with off the shelf next day delivery at very competitive prices. We also offer Spraybooth servicing LEV and smoke clearance testing.

We supply a full range of Spraybooth filters and spares for most models including…

  • Dalby

  • Junair

  • Spraybake

  • Blowtherm

  • Burntwood

  • Todd

Spray Booth Filters are the perfect way to ensure optimum performance from your Dry Filter Spray Booth. We can supply pre filters, intake filter M5 EN997 and extract filters in a roll or cut pad forms to suit your specifications.

Did you know you need to have your LEV COSHH test carried out at least once a year ! we can incorporate this with your Spraybooths annual service to save you time and money!

Binks Pleated Card Booth Filter

Spray Booth paper filter Media has a bright white face and is treated with a water resistant coating. The unique dimensions of the pleats and the relationship between the front side and reverse side layers coupled with the precise hole size and spacing ensure that the maximum amount of overspray is removed from the air stream. The water resistant qualities of this filter make it the ideal choice for water based paint applications.

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Glassfibre Filters – Spraybooth Extraction Filters

Paint Stop Filters are manufactured from spun fibre and are supplied either on a roll or cut into pre-sized panels. As it is possible to simply peel of the front layer of media together with the accumulated dried paint this media is sometimes referred to as ‘soil and Strip’, paint arrestor, paint booth extraction filter or glass fibre.

Used in the floor or in side or end extraction, when used with our blue filter media CA290 this will ensure your spraybooth is EPA complient. If you would like to purchase this product please click on our store tab.

Pre Filtration

Blue / White G3 pre filters used to go under the paint stop roll and has a progressive density to ensure you get the maximum life span from your paint stop.

We can supply in roll or pad form.

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Spraybooth Intake Filters M5 EN779

Supplied in either on a roll or pre-cut to fit your air inlet panels our F5 spraybooth intake filters are available in F5 grade and fully tackifyed to suit most spraybooth air intakes.

Spraybooth data sheets available on request. If you would like to purchase this product please click on our store tab.

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