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Hepa Filter H13


610 x 610 x 292 H13 Hepa Filter lead time may vary frm 1 week to 3 weeks please call for latest information

H13 Hepa Filter Metal cased with borosilicate micro-glass paper pleated using corrugated kraft separators housed in a Galvanised Steel case sealed using a 2 part polyurethane sealant. 5x12mm closed cell neoprene gasket DASLeak Tested.

H13 BS EN 1822 99.95% @ MPPS
Airflow Rate m3/hr (610x610x292 H13)
Initial Pressure Drop Clean
Rec. Final Pressure
Maximum Working Temperature

We can make Hepa Filters in many other versions if this is not what you need then please call us.


24x24x2 – 595x595x47, 20x20x2 – 495x495x47, 24x12x2 – 595x292x47


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