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Hepa Filters


610 x 610 x 292 Hepa Filters

Great Value H13 Hepa

H13 HEPA M/K 610 x 610 x 292 EA gasket DAS

H13 Hepa Metal case with borosilicate micro-glass paper pleated using corrugated kraft separators housed in a Galvanised Steel case sealed using a 2 part polyurethane sealant. 5x12mm closed cell neoprene gasket DAS Leak Tested.

H13 BS EN 1822 99.95% @ MPPS

Airflow Rate m3/hr (610x610x292 H13)


Initial Pressure Drop Clean


Rec. Final Pressure


Maximum Working Temperature


note lead time may vary and can be up to 2 working weeks


24x24x2 – 595x595x47, 20x20x2 – 495x495x47, 24x12x2 – 595x292x47


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